[PVE-User] KVM hardware Motherboard and CPU

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there is no intel cpu q8000, which one do you have exactly?
Pls see http://compare.intel.com/pcc/default.aspx?familyID=1  to compare the features (Inter virtualization is needed)

As far as I see, Q8200 and also Q8300 does NOT have Intel VT.

The Q9xxx series supports Intel VT.

To successfully run KVM, the motherboard also has to support Intel VT.

For small basic systems, I personally use the Intel Xeon series 3xxx with the entry level Intel server mainboards. They are low priced and you got decent performance and dual nic and good Intel quality. You can build these server by your own but you also can buy complete system from major vendors built on these components. 

Can anyone recommend a 1he supermicro system? I know they are working well but I personally have no system here.

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Martin Maurer

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> Hello,
> I've been using proxmox for a few months now and very impressed with
> it.  I'm now trying to build some more servers.  I have an ASUS, P5E-
> VM DO motherboard and a Q8000 Intel 2 quad core CPU.
> In the BIOS (version 0803) I found vt-d which I can enable but I'm not
> able to run KVM.
> No matter what I try I'm not able to get KVM working.
>   Does any one have any ideas on how I might be able to make this
> work?  Is there a third party BIOS which I could install which would
> allow it? or am I missing a very basic option in the BIOS?
> Any and all suggestions welcome.
> Otherwise can people suggest motherboard/CPU pairs which do work? I
> need quad core and it needs to fit in a 1U ATX chassis.
> Thanks
> --Guy
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