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You were right. The low quality has to do probably with the KVM version and
how poorly it handles SMP. My client refuses to use these boxes. He asked to
give him the "old" boxes, which means Xen virtual boxes. I need you to
upgrade to the latest KVM and I will test the quality again. My application
is a telephony switch that uses about 100K per open call. Each virtual
machine handles 15 of them. There is no way to fool the human ear, the sound
is broken, while in a Xen windows VM it is "normal".
Thanks for your efforts.

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> I know how the CPU affinity for a KVM virtual machine, the command is:
> qm list | grep Mex0 | awk -F" " '{print $6}' | xargs taskset -pc 2-3
> where Mex0 is the name if my virtual machine. However, how do I run
> this
> command automatically every time the virtual machine restarts? Just
> some of
> my virtual machines needs this command.

That is currently not possible (you need to edit the perl library).
let us first find out if it helps at all.

- Dietmar

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