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Dear Dietmar
I know how the CPU affinity for a KVM virtual machine, the command is:

qm list | grep Mex0 | awk -F" " '{print $6}' | xargs taskset -pc 2-3

where Mex0 is the name if my virtual machine. However, how do I run this
command automatically every time the virtual machine restarts? Just some of
my virtual machines needs this command.


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> I need to pin each KVM VM to a core. The machine has 16 cores, so I
> will
> have 16 virtual machines with one CPU. Or if I have Vm's with 2 CPUS,
> will
> pin that machine to cores 0,1, etc. This is the only way that I got
> quality in a Xen VM, and I am afraid it is the same issue with KVM. My
> virtual machines are telephony switches that move megabytes of UDP.
> receive and send hundreds of KB per second of UDP and some TCP.
> Is there a way to do this?

No, that's not possible. And I doubt that this would have any effect -
why do
you think that would improve performance? 

- Dietmar

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