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Venefax venefax at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 03:14:40 CET 2009

Dear Porxmox
I need to pin each KVM VM to a core. The machine has 16 cores, so I will
have 16 virtual machines with one CPU. Or if I have Vm's with 2 CPUS, I will
pin that machine to cores 0,1, etc. This is the only way that I got any
quality in a Xen VM, and I am afraid it is the same issue with KVM. My
virtual machines are telephony switches that move megabytes of UDP. The
receive and send hundreds of KB per second of UDP and some TCP.
Is there a way to do this?
(Austria Est Imperare Orbi Universe)

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I can confirm reboot problems with the current Proxmox VE Kernel (KVM-75).
And I also can confirm improvements with the new one (KVM-82). But we have
still some issue preventing to release the new one, but we are working on it
- I will keep you informed.

I did not change anything on your server, so you can close the access for

You got a real strong server, which vendor is this? 4 sockets?

Br, Martin

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> SMP performance is substantially better with ACPI disabled. Around 50%
> better.
> Federico
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> And why do you disable ACPI?
> - Dietmar

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