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A Windows 2K3 Virtual Machine will not reboot, I mean, of if you choose
restart, it will shutdown but will not come back. This is a huge issue
because if we give access to the VM's to users, then they will call for
support if the machine reboots. Of course it can started from the Cluster
Manager, but that means extra human intervention.

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> Dear Martin
> I get an error in the Master when I go to Appliance templates, Upload
> Files
> and select an ISO file that I already had uploaded on second node (I am
> in
> the master now). The ISO is of course not in the list. Is there any
> other
> way to upload an ISO file? My windows machine needs an ISO in place of a
> CDROM, also, I want to create a new Windows virtual machine, so I need
> to
> see the windows ISO's. I can give you access to the Master node if you
> want
> to check this. When I get the error, right after push "upload", I see on
> top
> of the screen this:
> Federico

In a cluster, you cannot upload templates or ISO on a node. You can only do
this on the master.

So delete all previously uploaded things on the node and upload to master or
manually correct it.
ISO files are here: /var/lib/vz/template/iso
OpenVZ templates: /var/lib/vz/template/cache

Br, martin

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