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In the GUI, the listboxes for the ISO's and Templates should be at least 15
chars wider. All the Microsoft ISO's appear to be identical and thus they
need to be renamed. For example:
looks identical to
as a result one has to log in via SSH and shorten the name manually.

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> How do you clone a Virtual Machine (KVM or OpenVz)? I don’t see a way to
> that on the menu.
> Philip

Cloning is not implemented on the web interface.

But you can do it manually:

1. Make a backup via vzdump
2. Restore to a different VMID
3. Adapt the hostname/ip settings to avoid duplicates (regenerate ssh keys

Pls note, cloning is not recommended on most situations as you also
duplicate ssh keys and other settings which should be unique. Better way is
to make a template like these:

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