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I successfully configured a Centos 64 container and a Windows VM. The only
question is: how do I clone either. I may create a backup an restore, but
vzdump is used only on Containers, not on KVM Windows machine. Also when you
have two cluster nodes, can you just copy a VM from one to another without
destroying the original? That would be a way to clone a VM as well. The
cloning of a VM shold be done in the GUI, and in my opinion after years of
being involved with virtualization from ESX to XEN to
Hyper-V,Virtuozzo-linux and Virtuozzo-Windows, cloning is the day-to-day
task, the most important one. Maybe Proxmox should provide a script that
would ask for VE number, either KVM or OpenVZ, and the IP address of a node,
and simply clone it "a few times". I mean, ask the customer "how many copies
do you need". In my case I need to make 16 copies of windows VE. What would
be the easiest way to achieve this?

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> How do you clone a Windows virtual machine? Also, how do you backup it
> up to

We have not and cannot implemented a windows aware cloning.
But you can backup/copy. Manually or as already described with vzdump.

> another box, a windows box? Also how do you add a seconds cluster so
> you
> migrate it?

See http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_Cluster
(incl. a video tutorial)

Br, Martin

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