[PVE-User] Stability problems in PVE 1.1?

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Fri Feb 27 20:41:57 CET 2009

> I will try again when the next version of KVM is released. Red Hat just
> released its latest version. 5.3 and it did not include KVM. They know.

Yes, Redhat knows a lot. They bought core KVM project/company for over 100m and invest a lot to replace Xen and will introduce KVM in Redhat 6. As Redhat 5.3 has to be based on Kernel (2.6.18) they cannot support KVM now. the 2.6.18 Kernel on Redhat has a lot of drivers back ported but for KVM this does not work (minimum 2.6.20). In fact, they know a lot and they choose KVM.

> I think that Proxmox should consider troubleshooting the Dell Manager
> issue.
> The software is there, it installs, but it rejects the user name and
> password. If one hardware component is faulty, and you cannot use the
> Dell
> manager... how do you identify the issue with Dell's support? That
> exactly
> happened to me. The memory was bad. But the most important task is to be
> able to detect obsolete firmware, like the raid firmware. In summary,
> unless
> the Dell Manager works it is absurd to use Proxmox in production. Since
> Dell
> represents 40% of the server market, it is Proxmox-Debian who has to
> support
> Dell, and not the other way around.

No one from Dell contacted us to solve issues but we are always open for solutions. In fact, Dell refuses to talk to non market leaders whenever you try to talk to them - but this is ok for me, if they change their mind they are welcome here. But as far as I know, it works anyway...

Br, martin

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