[PVE-User] Stability problems in PVE 1.1?

Pongracz Istvan pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 19:17:17 CET 2009

2009. 02. 27, péntek keltezéssel 12.59-kor Venefax ezt írta:
> I will try again when the next version of KVM is released. Red Hat just
> released its latest version. 5.3 and it did not include KVM. They know.
> I think that Proxmox should consider troubleshooting the Dell Manager issue.
> The software is there, it installs, but it rejects the user name and
> password. If one hardware component is faulty, and you cannot use the Dell
> manager... how do you identify the issue with Dell's support? That exactly
> happened to me. The memory was bad. But the most important task is to be
> able to detect obsolete firmware, like the raid firmware. In summary, unless
> the Dell Manager works it is absurd to use Proxmox in production. Since Dell
> represents 40% of the server market, it is Proxmox-Debian who has to support
> Dell, and not the other way around.


If you put a lot of investments into your hardware platform and you
really need those tools, why do you choose PVE?

Consider that use vmware instead.
But prepare for new problems without answers and real solutions.....

Or use xen instead.

My personal "problem" with PVE is, there is no user management yet.
Anyway, I hacked the original PVE using some not-supported features,
such as software raid, vblade (aoe), webmin, central monitoring system,
hddtemp, smartd etc.

So, it is working perfectly on my extra cheap hardware and I also have
hot-spare server if one dies suddenly....

I do not want to hurt anybody, please forgive me, I only show you and
for others, you should find the (nearly) best choice what you can use in
your infrastructure.
PVE is only one option, which is growing fast.

Good luck,

BSA. Mert megérdemlitek.
Open Source. Mert megérdemlem.
BSA. They value it.
Open Source. The value. It.

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