[PVE-User] Stability problems in PVE 1.1?

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I had to abandon Prxmox VE because of similar issues, including memory
running out on an openvz container. But I believe the main issue is Debian,
because Dell does not support Debian and the drivers, in my opinion, are not
the same quality of the Red Hat (Centos) or Suse drivers, which are
supported. So Proxmox should have chosen a better underlying OS, instead of
Debian. Now look at this: in a corporation we only buy Dell, HP or IBm
servers, because they do have 4 hour hardware response support. Not even
Supermicro gets in. Proxmox has a great product but it should run on an
enterprise-class OS. I spent two days with Dell trying to install the
Hardware Manager on Debian, to see of there are issues with memory,
processor or disks, and Dell could not make it work. You cannot deploy a
machine on a rack that you cannot manage.  

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Hello all,

I am experiencing problems with a recently upgraded Proxmox VE system.
These problems began after upgrading to 1.1.  Originally the system was
a 0.9 beta 2 version which ran like a champ.  All VMs discussed here are
KVM based.

The PVE system has locked up twice now.  The first time all but one VM
was non-responsive and the web console would not load.  The second time
all the VM's became unresponsive but the console could be reached.  In
both cases the PVE server had to be rebooted to get things running again.

In addition to that problem, performance has been sporadic, sometimes
very fast, sometimes intermittently slow, sometimes they lock up for a
few moments and then resume.

Some of the differences between 0.9b2 setup and the 1.1 are:
 * Switched from single CPU to muliple CPUs on the VMs.
 * Switched from rtl8139 to e1000 virtual network cards VMs (installed
e1000 windows drivers from link provided on PVE wiki.)

All but one of the VMs on this server are Windows 2000-2008 machines.

I have also noticed similar slowdowns and temporary lockups on another
PVE 1.1 system running KVM linux servers with multiple CPUs but using
rtl8139 drivers.

I couldn't find anything in the logs on either PVE system that jumped
out to me as a problem, but there could be something non-obvious, I suppose.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Any suggestions for
resolving these problems?



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