[PVE-User] Idea for feature

Andrew Niemantsverdriet andrew at rocky.edu
Mon Feb 16 17:29:24 CET 2009

This is not an important feature just something that would be nice to
have in the future.

Currently I end up maintaining two backups of my VE's one of just
snapshots for entire machine restores and then a different system to
provide the ability to easily retrieve single files. So my idea is a
way to move away from that, saving me disk space, power and making my
network less complex.

Currently I use vzdump to make daily snapshots. The snapshots all get
saved to a NFS share and I have a script that renames them by date so
I have snapshots going back 30days for each of my virtual machines.
This works well for recovering entire machines however it is fairly
cumbersome to recover a single file or a small number of files from a
snapshot. I would like to see vzdump expanded to be able to do a
"quick mount" the quick mount would mount as read only so you can grab
the file(s) you need with out fear of corrupting your backup. This
would work around the problem with the network. Now when I restore the
snapshot of the machine that has the file(s)  I need there is an IP
conflict and that causes some service disruption. Ideally vzdump would
just mount the disk to a location like /tmp/$VEID and then Proxmox VE
could provide a web interface to browse through so the user could just
download the needed file(s).

Just an idea on a way to improve an already great product.

/-\ ndrew Niemantsverdriet
Academic Computing
(406) 238-7360
Rocky Mountain College
1511 Poly Dr.
Billings MT, 59102

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