[PVE-User] vmware on proxmox

Pongracz Istvan pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 11:47:09 CET 2009

> Meanwhile I found the solution, how to merge vmware snapshots into a new a
> complete vdisk with vmware.
> With this I can avoid to use vmware.



I have one machine with one snapshot. The author of that VM created 2GB
slices of vdisk.
Now, when I tried to convert into a fresh (consolidated), vdisk image, I got
an error from vmware-vdiskmanager.
After I googled around, I found that, this is a bug (probably feature),
which exists for months.


Seems, there is a workaround: use old vdiskmanager.

Now I am getting angry about these stupid problems what vmware produces.

Even lot of people use it without problems, my personal opinion, vmware
I am angry very much, I have to eat something and drink blood..............

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