[PVE-User] vzdump documentation ?

Julien Cornuwel julien.cornuwel at adamantx.fr
Wed Dec 23 02:53:02 CET 2009


I'm looking for documentation about vzdump/vzrestore. Not how to use it, but
what it does exactly...
For what I understand, it just saves the private directory and the config
file in a tar archive, but it seems not to be that simple : it has to handle
special files, which aren't properly saved by a basic 'tar zcf' command.

I tried to read the source code, but my perl knowledge is close to /dev/null

To be clear, I would like to be able to reproduce its behaviour in a shell
script (or better, a ruby script). The ultimate goal being to perform
full/incremental backups and being able to fine-tune the retention delay...

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