[PVE-User] venet and routing... again ;)

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Thu Dec 10 10:28:20 CET 2009

> On Debian Guests, just read the file /etc/network/interfaces - I will 
> post the text here:
> # WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will be lost.
> # Please create/edit /etc/network/interfaces.head and /etc/network/interfaces.tail instead,
> # their contents will be inserted at the beginning and at the end
> # of this file, respectively.
I have read it before but thanks for the hint. What I am afraid is that
all 'post-up rules I will put in interfaces.tail will be executed only
for last interface listed in /etc/interfaces. Is it OK if i put routing
rules for all interfaces into the last one?
> Or what guest OS do you use?
Indeed, it is Debian

> > 3)After reading
> > http://www.mokonamodoki.com/proxmox-openvz-server-2-nics-2-gateways ,
> > especially this fragment: "...however veth does give your guest
> > container OS direct access to the network, in a smiliar fashion to the
> > way VMware server can give a guest OS direct access to a physical
> > network using Bridged Ethernet." I tend to move my guests from venetv
> > to
> > veth structure. Is there any easy way to do it?
> Use the web interface - just remove all IPs, press save, then change to veth mode.
Ah, that easy? Thank you for hint :) However I noticed that using veth
requires dedicated eth interface (am I wrong?), which I cannot afford -
I need to share NICs for few guests.

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