[PVE-User] strange network problem

Berlakovich Jo. jo at berlakovich.at
Fri Aug 7 13:15:49 CEST 2009

i use proxmox-ve with great success for some time now, thanks for this great product!
now i have a strange problem with my virtual firewall implemented as a full virtualized kvm-guest (debian lenny):
the host has 2 nics, one connected to the lan and the other to the network of my provider (chello). i have 4 ip-adresses from my provider, each bound to a specific mac-adress.
my firewall has 5 nics (all of type e1000), one bridged to the lan-nic of the host via vmbr0, the other 4 bridged to the "wan"-nic of the host (vmbr1), the correct mac-adresses are set on the nics in the vm.
when i do a "brctl show vmbr1" on the host everything seems fine and the vm works. every some minutes however some (sometimes all) of the vm-interfaces disappear from the vmbr1-bridge on the host, the vm has no internet-access anymore. after some seconds the vm-interfaces reappear in the host-bridge vmbr1 and everything works again.
any hints on this?
thanks in advance
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