[PVE-User] Notes on Proxmox VE 1.0 release

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Thu Oct 30 15:18:32 CET 2008

> Another thing that Scott and I talked about was it would be nice to
> some sort of progress on the migration screen. Maybe some sort of pop-
> up that showed you how the migration was going.

The kvm migration already shows the progress, but I agree that could be

> I am also interested in what conditions cause OpenVZ machines to fail
> to live migrate? With stock OpenVZ I have not had an issue, also on
> I have not had an issue I migrated about 9 OpenVZ containers yesterday
> on PVE and not one failed. So can anybody shed some light on this?

We use kernel 2.6.24, and the openvz team never finished live migration
for 2.6.24.

and the followup:

- Dietmar

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