[PVE-User] How to add more than one ethernet interface to a VE?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Thu Oct 30 12:36:17 CET 2008

> I would like to add more than one network interface to the VE (kvm +
> openvz).
> The plan is, one would be connected to a bridge and the other would be
> connected to the venet.

IMO a strange idea. It is possible to build arbitrary virtual networks with
up to 10 bridges, but this makes no sense without a firewall to control traffic.
Setting up such beast is complex and error prone.

> The goal would be that, the VE could reach internal "resources", such
> as
> other VEs on the venet LAN.
> On the web interface there is no option to add more, or I am simply
> blind, which is possible.

The KVM hardware tab allows you to add more eth devices.

> Is there a recommended (compatible) solution or I should use the
> standard openvz method to add more?

Never tested openvz with more than one veth - this is 
currently not supported.

- Dietmar

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