[PVE-User] Windows 2003 install after upgrade

Shain Miley SMiley at npr.org
Wed Oct 29 22:41:48 CET 2008

OK..I was able to fix this by creating a soft link from /dev/scd0 to


I am using a Dell poweredge 2950 btw in case anyone has a similar issue.





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I am having an issue installing windows 2003 after the 1.0 upgrade.  I
already have one window 2003 VE that I installed before the
upgrade..that is why I suspect the upgrade is causing the issue.



Here is the create string generated by the gui:


/usr/sbin/qm create 104 --ide0 15 --ostype w2k3 --memory 512 --onboot no
--cdrom cdrom --name Blaster3 --vlan0 rtl8139=CA:63:D8:F3:73:12 --smp 1
--bootdisk ide0

Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/104/vm-104-disk.qcow2', fmt=qcow2,
size=15728640 kB

VM 104 created


When I start the VE and enter the console I get the following error:


CDROM boot failure code : 0003

FATAL: No bootable device


Anyone else having any issues?


Anyone know how to solve this?





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