[PVE-User] Proxmox and DRBD

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Not in 1.0, see roadmap:



But the Kernel for 1.0 will have  support for remote storage (e.g. qlogic FC HBA and qlogic ISCSI HBA) and  for DRBD (8.2.6). This means we already got the basis for 2.x.


Currently we see no need to use a Cluster file system on Proxmox VE – why do you want to have such a complex file system?


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Will it be possible in V1.0 of Proxmox-VE to build a Proxmox-VE Cluster that uses a shared storage, so that all Servers can access the same VM's?
If so, which Cluster-Filesystems will be supported (OCFS2, GFS)? And, would it be possible to replace the shared storage with an DRBD-Device (active/active)?

Thx in advance

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