[PVE-User] vmbr0 issues with openvz container

Pongracz Istvan pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 20:58:52 CET 2008

I installed a fresh proxmox with the 1.0-3427.
I found two 'vznetaddbr' files. One under /usr/bin, the other is under /usr/sbin.
They are identical.

After an 'apt-get update; apt-get upgrade' procedure the /usr/bin/vznetaddbr 
changed to the new one with 'ip addr ...'.

So, after I installed a brand new PVE and upgraded to the newest version, I created a 
fresh debian container with veth network device.
I started this new container and I tried to invoke the 'dhclient eth0' inside the container.
It failed after several probes.
After this I invoked the 'ifconfig veth101.0 0' in the hardware node.
Now I invoked again the 'dhclient eth0' inside the container and I got network settings correctly 
and everything working well.

What do you think, is this a bug?


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