[PVE-User] Network changes require a reboot

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Fri Nov 21 08:51:04 CET 2008

> Ok, I did some quick and dirty testing. I set up a CentOS 5 server
> with kvm and vde. On that host I installed Ubuntu 8.04 server. I then
> run iperf from my desktop box to the ubuntu guest. The speeds were 80
> Mbits/sec.
> I then redid the host machine and installed KVM without VDE installed
> the same Ubuntu 8.04 server and ran the iperf test again. I was able
> to get 94.0 Mbits/sec
> The preformace hit is not that bad, in fact it is basically nothing in
> the scheme of things.

loosing 15% in a simple test is much IMO.

> I don't understand quite how it would solve the
> network issues that I am running into, could you explain your ideas on
> that?

The idea was to replace our bridges with a virtual switch and
connect them all with a virtual cable. You can then move any VM to
any node in the cluster - network always works.

Not sure if that solves your problems (whats exactly the problem?)

Anyways, it seem that you can't connect a virtual switch to a physical
Ethernet card, so this is too limited IMO.

- Dietmar

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