[PVE-User] Network changes require a reboot

Andrew Niemantsverdriet andrew at rocky.edu
Wed Nov 19 22:40:10 CET 2008

I can see why it is important to have the network the same on nodes of
a cluster for migration. However is there anyway to get around having
to reboot the box when ever a network change is made? I know that it
is important to plan ahead and to make sure your network is laid out
correctly however as is the nature of most network things they change
and evolve as time goes on. So since things change it is impossible to
plan for every situation, so things like the network configuration may
have to change on a fairly regular basis at least that is what I am
running into.

So my question is 3 parts:

First is it possible to change the network configuration with a
reboot? My servers take about 10min to reboot with all the selfchecks
and other stuff that happens during boot-up.

Second since we are stuck with the network of the master node is there
a way propagate changes to the network to all the slaves?

Third are there any plans to abstract the network configuration some?
I know that would be a fairly large undertaking but with a little
logic it seems that a warning could be issued if you try to migrate a
machine that will not function because of network incompatibilities or
something like that. I don't know maybe I am asking for something that
is impossible to do, I am just brainstorming on what I think would
make Proxmox better.

/-\ ndrew Niemantsverdriet
Academic Computing
(406) 238-7360
Rocky Mountain College
1511 Poly Dr.
Billings MT, 59102

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