[PVE-User] Deployment Questions

Shain Miley smiley at npr.org
Wed Nov 12 18:22:23 CET 2008

We are going to be placing two Proxmox servers into production at some 
point in the near future and I was wondering about the following two issues:

1)  What is the best way to keep VE's on separate servers in sync.  This 
includes both OpenVZ and KVM VE's.  I know rsync is an option...but I 
was wondering about drdb...or are there even better       options out there?

2)   What is the best way to make use of multiple NIC cards?  I am going 
to be using Dell Poweredge machines that have 2 - 4 NIC cards 
each...should I put all the KVM VE's on 1 NIC and the                
openVZ ones on the other NIC?  Should I  use a round robin approach when 
it comes to determining which card to put a VE on?  Any thoughts on how 
I can get the most throughput?

Thanks in advance,

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