[PVE-User] PVE + software raid - boot process

Gregor Perner gregor at perners.at
Tue Nov 11 17:58:17 CET 2008

Dietmar Maurer schrieb:
>> [...] Debian-Task-Package [...] 
> The package is called proxmox-ve (proxmox-ve_1.0-2_all.deb)


>> The README doesn't mention the following packages, I found to be
>> mandatory. [...]
> Ok, added to the README - thanks.

Are the *-latest sources available, or did you mean you changed it 

>> 'make' then pulls the repositories and compiles the kernel - which
>> works. The kernel-package now is a bit monolithic, so I'm stuck at
>> building kvm-75, though this isn't necessary for my needs (build.log
>> available on http://www.perners.at/gregor/build.log)
> Why do you build it if you don't need it? This is a Makefile, so you
> can specify the target.

Of course I can specify the target. But I don't get why
'make initrd.img-2.6.24-1-pve'
fails exactly at the posted kvm-75 error-message. I don't see any point 
in building kvm-75 if the target is the initrd... That I meant with 
A side note: IMO there should be stable make-targets without 

> Please debug the Makefile - I can't do it because it works here.

I suspect we don't talk aboout the same source-package/Makefile
# md5sum pve-kernel-2.6.24_2008-10-29/Makefile 
9c4cfe085ebecd58945a8d96e4c9faea  pve-kernel-2.6.24_2008-10-29/Makefile
3208908b71c0715c718e37e3ba4a9214  pve-kernel-2.6.24_2008-10-29.tar.gz

The second option is that the environment is not complete. See below.

>> Also some information about the environment where the
> official-releases
>> are built are useful.
> What do you want to know?

I suspect you build on Debian:
uname -a
dpkg -l
cat /etc/cpuinfo

If not, please post an aequivalent of dpkg -l for $distribution you are 

IMO it would be target-aimed if you would support building on the 
stable-release with the latest published source-package.

Best Regards,

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