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Tue Nov 4 10:09:42 CET 2008

Thanks, im aware of this Fridu page. (By the  way, if Fridu is on this mailing list, I say thanks for all his sharing and  help to the community).
  Im already running a small firewall on the host: firehol. It works well, im  using it since several years on my 3 boxes.
  But here, id like to use a dedicated firewall distribution like zeroshell,  untangle or ipcop. More powerfull and complete.   _____  

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See the firewall scripts from fridu!
  (Proxmox VE will include a firewall in one of the upcoming versions next year, see http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Roadmap)
  Best Regards,
  Martin Maurer
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  > Hello,
  > Is it possible to set the public ip to a bridged VE?  And the host would
  > have just a private ip.
  > My purpose is to set a firewall into a VE to protect all the others VE
  > and the host itself. So i would set the public ip & a private ip to a
  > "firewall VE".
  > Internet ---> VE Firewall ---> Others VE & Host.
  > I hope i was clear enough. Thanks.
  > Elmer
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