[PVE-User] KVM upgrade

Shain Miley smiley at npr.org
Mon Nov 3 19:18:25 CET 2008

Is there an easy way to upgrade version 1.0 (which is using kvm-75) to 

I seem to be having a very hard time installing Windows 2003 since my 
upgrade to 1.0 and I think maybe it is an a bug in the current kvm 
version.  I keep getting errors saying that the windows setup cannot 
copy certain files from the CD ROM....I have 3 different copies of 
Windows 2003...so I don't think it is the media...because none of them work.

I am seeing a bunch of these type errors when setup stops and cannot 
find a file:

kernel Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 57706

Anyway..back to my point...does anyone have any quick instructions on 
how to upgrade...or do I have to wait for the next Proxmox release to 
see if upgrading kvm fixes my issue?



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