[PVE-User] Self build kernel sources/ includes for modules / drivers such as zaptel 1.2 on VE0

Richard Bartlett - Northway Rich at Northway-CSL.co.uk
Thu May 22 17:55:00 CEST 2008

I've been working in a sandpit for nearly a month with ProxMox VE. ProxMox 
VW is beautiful, I can't stop recommending it within my circles. This VE is 
based on a Debian AMD64/x86_64 distribution with a SMP kernel. I'm all for 
Debian, but rightly or wrongly the 2.6.24-openvz file sets seem to be 
biased towards RPM based builds and at this moment, I'm wary of pulling 
these down.

With the need to put the finishing touches on an asterisk based multi-
VE/cluster (to allow it to do all it can already do but with enhanced trunk 
timing, music-on-hold and conferencing). It appears that to do this I will 
require some compilation of a timing and fairly well known VE0 peripheral 
mod namely the zaptel 1.2-track driver.

Subsequently the sub-ordinate VEs would be granted access / bridged to 
/dev/zap/timer and /dev/zap/ztdummy through vzctl + VZ-conffiles.

ProxMox have published the kernel's binary packages on the FTP site but I 
cannot find the headers necessary for compiling a module such as zaptel.

I've accomplished a compilation by gathering what appears to be correct 
from the repositories but the resultant binary's flags have so far embedded 
the 2.6.24 'OVZ' patch details on the object code. So modprobe has 
attempted and then unloaded the driver and complained that the module was 
tainted. I could perhaps patch the Makefile but this seemed a good moment 
to ask for the ProxMox team to offer their kernel-sources (ie the include 

There is a timing resource that might also need the ProxMox kernel 
recompiled to support 1000Hz ticks rather than 100Hz or 1024Hz. I haven't 
found where in /proc this setting might be visible, if at all.

Is this possible to provide please?

If not, could someone compile and offer the zaptel 1.2.25 drivers and 
publish the .ko please?

Thanks in advance,
Rgds... Richard
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