[PVE-User] Hosted Proxmox Server Deployment Questions

Felix Krohn felix.krohn at ovh.net
Thu Dec 18 12:50:43 CET 2008

* Theron Trout <theron.trout at mellonway.com> [2008-12-18 00:48]:
> My proxmox server will be plugged into the hosting companies network.  I
> plan to use bridge networking with my VMs drawing from a pool of IP
> addresses I have available.  This is okay for those virtual machines

Check with them if you server is allowed to show different MACs,
many/some hoster don't allow it and will block your switchport because
of ARP spoofing possibility.

> Is it possible to setup something like a virtual LAN that lets the
> proxmox client VMs see each other on an internal only schema like
>, .2, .3, etc, but isolated from the outside network?

Yes, you can change the bridge_port parameter from eth0 to dummy in
/etc/network/interfaces, and then use plain routing/NATting between eth0
and vmbr0

> If this can be done, I figure I can give internal-only machines virtual
> network cards attached to this network and give a second card to public
> facing machines with outside associated IP addresses.

with a second bridge (one for eth0, one for dummy0)


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