[PVE-User] VLANs in ProxMox PVE

James Oakley jfunk at funktronics.ca
Wed Apr 30 21:46:52 CEST 2008

I tried out the ProxMox VPE 0.9 distribution on a couple of boxes I have, and 
I am impressed, so far.

Unfortunately, I need to be able to bring VLAN trunks into my boxes, which 
works fine with Xen on openSUSE, but I'm having trouble getting it to work 
properly in ProxMox.

If I only define 1 vlan in /etc/network/interfaces, it appears to work fine (I 
renamed my vlan interface to trunk0 with udev):

auto vlan4
iface vlan4 inet manual
        vlan_raw_device trunk0

auto vl4br
iface vl4br inet static
        bridge_ports vlan4
        bridge_maxwait 0

With this setup, I can ping and ssh to other machines. If I add another vlan, 
it all stops working:

auto vlan2
iface vlan2 inet manual
        vlan_raw_device trunk0

auto vl2br
iface vl2br inet static
        bridge_ports vlan2
        bridge_maxwait 0

If I bring that configuration up, I can no longer see any other machines. I 
can't ping, and I can no longer see any traffic from other machines on any 
interface with tcpdump.

Curiously, if I execute /etc/init.d/networking stop at this point, the kernel 
panics on netif_receive_skb. I can't see the whole trace due to the 80x25 
video mode, but I tried it with two different network cards that work just 
fine with VLANs on openSUSE: an onboard r8169, and a PCI e1000.

Any ideas?

Also, Would it be possible to get the CD creation sources? I want to be able 
to rebuild the CD with the extra packages I need installed.

James Oakley
jfunk at funktronics.ca

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