More cloud-init options

Jackson Pfeffer crazykidjack at
Sun Feb 18 09:32:30 CET 2024


As a newcomer to the Proxmox VE community, I'd love to contribute. Being
new I would appreciate any guidance or feedback you have about anything I
could do to fit in with community practices / rules / expectations -
official, unspoken, or otherwise. Also, sorry for the long-ish email.

I want to enhance GUI control over cloud-init settings (at least user
data). Ideally (in my mind at least) this could be accomplished by
extending the existing list of GUI elements to include configuration
options for every possible cloud init configuration parameter. However, I
thought it might be easier to just add a "manual mode" that, when selected,
takes the current-gui settings, converts them to a userdata.yml file, and
then allows the user to edit that file in the GUI.

While new to Perl and ExtJS, I'm interested in learning and contributing
and I have contributed to other open source projects in the past (though
none quite this large). Having reviewed the developer documentation and set
up my development environment (hopefully completely?), I've cloned several
of the repos (pve-common, pve-manager, proxmox-widget-toolkit,
qemu-server), though I'm not 100% sure I need all of these or that I don't
need others as well. I'm reaching out for feedback on this idea and seeking
advice on where to begin.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and help,

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