[pve-devel] fosdem feeback

DERUMIER, Alexandre alexandre.derumier at groupe-cyllene.com
Mon Feb 5 10:43:45 CET 2024


Here a summary of the weekend.

First, thanks to you guys to be there, it was great to finally meet you

users were pretty happy to see finally a proxmox stand at fosdem

- we have seen a lloootttt of people on the stand with questions.  (I
have 10min break on the full weekend).
  We always had 2-3 users asking for questions all the days .(
hopefully, we were 4 , but it was pretty intensive)
- we had enough sticker for the 2 days
- we didn't have enough t-shirt ^_^  , but we were the only stand give
them for free ^_^  
  we were out of stock saturday afternoon,  and we only give them to
proxmox users talking with us

Most asked question (I don't remember all):

- multi-cluster interface  (This is the running gag of the weekend,  Hi
Stoiko ;)

- more cloud/user portal/more simple oriented alternative interface 
(only vm management for example, no display of nodes, with big icons)
  A lot of admin are pretty happy with current interface,  but they
said it can be too complex/too much feature display to give access to
  Be able to restrict displayed feature (not only greying them out)
could be great too.

- As it was expected, a lot of people are looking to leave vmware
(thanks Broadcom). 
  Asking question about features parity (maybe it could be great to
have a paper about features/diff vs other hypervisors).
  A lot of question about vm compatibility, and of course migration
from vmware.
  (Maybe a gui or a wizard tool could be fine. I known than
Xenorchestra guys have done it, calling vmware api to directly
- snapshot/thin prov from san.  (mostly from guys from vmware as they
need a shared san for HA , and they have vmfs layer )

- pbs: s3 storage remote sync (already on the roadmap)

- be able to launch multiple vzdump in parallel on 1 host (seem to have
a lock currently)
- be able to have a cluster wide lock for backup job.(to no have every
node launching vzdump at the same time)

- a guy from datacore want to contact somebody from proxmox for storage
api integration and other partneship
  (I give his card to stoikov)

- a guy from Thales (big French company) was looking for a sale contact
at Proxmox (He don't have give me his card, and I don't have seen him

- a lots of guys ask: "What is proxmox VE ?". So I think they are
possible communication/marketing improvement ^_^

- more generic questions about support, training, licenses.. 

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