[PATCH v4 storage 1/1] fix #254: iscsi: add support for multipath iscsi targets

Yuri Konotopov ykonotopov at gnome.org
Mon Oct 23 19:37:36 CEST 2023

23.10.2023 12:11, Dominik Csapak пишет:
> Hi,

Hi, Dominik!

> sorry but I just noticed that it seems you did not create this patch
> on top of our current master?
> at least here it does not apply cleanly, since the files got moved to 
> src/
> (in may already)
> so could you please rebase your patches on the current master branch
> and send it again?
> (i did not get around to check the v4 yet, but a rebase shouldn't be a 
> problem)

Sure, I will send rebased v5 now

Best regards, Yuri Konotopov

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