[PATCH v3 storage 1/1] fix #254: iscsi: add support for multipath iscsi targets

Yuri Konotopov ykonotopov at gnome.org
Fri Oct 20 18:56:14 CEST 2023

20.10.2023 13:23, Dominik Csapak пишет:
> hi,

Hi, Dominik!

Thanks for review! I will address all issues in the next patch version.

> in case the configured portal is not accessible, any new node
> in the cluster (or one that did not activate the storage until then)
> will not be able to activate that storage
> (without manually doing a discovery on another portal)
> i don't think this is a huge problem though, the patch
> still makes the situation a whole lot better

I agree that this should not be a big issue. This looks like even an 
issue outside of Proxmox.

Administrator can manually login to available portal or replace 
configured portal in Proxmox config as a workaround.

Best regards, Yuri Konotopov

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