[pve-devel] [PATCH v4 qemu-server 2/2] remote-migration: add target-cpu && target-reboot params

DERUMIER, Alexandre alexandre.derumier at groupe-cyllene.com
Mon Oct 9 15:47:53 CEST 2023

Hi Fiona, 

Thanks for the review.

>>There can be other reasons to do a restart-migration, see also
>>is so I feel like this
>>should be split. One for introducing target-reboot and one for
>>introducing target-cpu.

yes, sure it can be split in 2 patch, no problem. (v1 had only
targetcpu param, but I have splitted it in 2 differents param, I just
forgot to split in  2 patches

>>For 'target-reboot', the question is if we should call it 'restart'
>>like for container migration for consistency? Could also be
>>introduced for normal migration while we're at it.

Well, we have

pct reboot <vmid> 
pct migrate <vmid>  --restart  


We can use "restart", no problem, It make sense if we already using it
in pct migrate.

>>One could argue that a true 'restart' migration would migrate the
>>volumes also offline, but right now, I don't see a big downside to do
>>via NBD like in this patch. Still, something we should think about.
>>it turns out to be really needed, we'd need two different ways to do
>>restart migration :/

I think that a true offline migration (without starting any
source/target vm) can be done with qemu-storage-daemon running nbd
server on target &&  qemu-img on source.

This could be also used for online migration with unused/detached

I'll send a v5 next week, as I'm going to begin a 4 days proxmox
training tomorrow.

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