[pve-devel] [PATCH manager] ui: mark strings translatable

Maximiliano Sandoval m.sandoval at proxmox.com
Tue Nov 28 14:31:41 CET 2023

Maximiliano Sandoval <m.sandoval at proxmox.com> writes:

> +	    { flag: 'ssbd', desc: gettext('Protection for "Speculative Store Bypass" for Intel models') },
> +	    { flag: 'ibpb', desc: gettext('Allows improved Spectre mitigation with AMD CPUs') },
> +    	    { flag: 'virt-ssbd', desc: gettext('Basis for "Speculative Store Bypass" protection for AMD models') },
> +	    { flag: 'amd-ssbd', desc: gettext('Improves Spectre mitigation performance with AMD CPUs, best used with "virt-ssbd"') },
> +	    { flag: 'amd-no-ssb', desc: gettext('Notifies guest OS that host is not vulnerable for Spectre on AMD CPUs') },

Welp, indentation is broken here.


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