[pve-devel] applied: [PATCH v2 pve-docs 0/6] sdn: Documentation

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Mon Nov 20 09:48:38 CET 2023

Am 17/11/2023 um 14:55 schrieb Stefan Lendl:
> * Try to homogenize style and format
> * Title case naming conventions for configuration options
> * Simplify examples
> * Re-phrase descriptions
> Changes to v1 -> v2:
> * Split changes per chapter.
> * Use multi-line heading format like in the original file.
>   I used search and replace to "revert" and now the format is identical on all
>   headings.
> Stefan Lendl (6):
>   sdn: installation, overview and main configuration
>   sdn: Zones
>   sdn: VNets and Subnets
>   sdn: Controllers
>   sdn: IPAM
>   sdn: Examples

to avoid more work on my side I now just squashed this with a few fixes, to
make it build and avoid information loss, adding an actual commit message
and some follow-up work (not all pushed out yet).

This could have been handled much nicer, e.g., by doing a commit first that
just adds references, to avoid breaking patch causality w.r.t. build, then
one to fix casings in the various parts that refer to the UI. As going from
the original one to this is naturally a bit work I proposed that a per-section
split could be at least a bit better than all dumped together while not causing
to much work, but per-patch buildabillity (and being to able to build the whole
thing!) is always wanted. Anyhow, what's done is done, please really (!) try to
improve on that for future (docs) patches.

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