[pve-devel] [RFC qemu-server 2/5] vmnic add|remove : add|del ip in ipam

Stefan Hanreich s.hanreich at proxmox.com
Mon Nov 13 17:14:38 CET 2023

On 11/13/23 11:04, Alexandre Derumier wrote:
>  if ($have_sdn) {
> -    PVE::Network::SDN::Dhcp::add_mapping($vmid, $net->{bridge}, $net->{macaddr});
> +    PVE::Network::SDN::Dhcp::add_mapping($net->{bridge}, $net->{macaddr});
>      PVE::Network::SDN::Zones::tap_create($iface, $net->{bridge});
>      PVE::Network::SDN::Zones::tap_plug($iface, $net->{bridge}, $net->{tag}, $net->{firewall}, $net->{trunks}, $net->{rate});

This call will fail if you have SDN enabled, but want to add a NIC on a
non-simple zone or a NIC on a Linux bridge. I have already fixed this
issue in my version of the patch series, so no need for you to do anything.

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