[pve-devel] [PATCH installer] fix #4430: add UTC timezone as option to installer

Christoph Heiss c.heiss at proxmox.com
Thu Mar 16 10:17:27 CET 2023

Thanks for the review!

On Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 02:23:09PM +0100, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> [..]
> What I don't like as much that one has to set the country to the timezone,
> which is confusing UX and will be subtle to most.
> Better ways might be:
> - add an explicit "Use UTC" checkbox that grey's out the country/timezone
>   selection then. Disadvantage here would be taking up extra space and expanding
>   the user input amount, which goes a bit against our "as simple as possible"
>   approach for the installer
> - Add UTC always to the time-zone selection, independent of what country is
>   selected. This keeps the selection where it belongs, and allows to quickly
>   change to UTC without any typing/searching required (at least for most countries)
> From a gut feeling I'd go for the second option, but didn't checked out how the
> implementation would then look like.
>From looking at the code while implementing this, the second option
shouldn't be that much of a hassle to implement I'd say (and probably
less than the first).

Sounds like the better option to me too. The first option could also
strike some users that this option is permament and cannot be changed
after installation, due to the grey'ing out and such, I guess.

I send a v2 soon with the second approach implemented, let's see how the
look & feel of that is.

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