[pve-devel] applied-series: [PATCH widget-toolkit v1] Proxmox Dark Theme

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Mar 8 18:04:34 CET 2023

Am 08/03/2023 um 17:18 schrieb Stefan Sterz:
> this patch series aims to add support for a dark theme to all current
> proxmox products. including:
> * proxmox virtual environment web gui & api viewer
> * proxmox backup server gui & api viewer
> * proxmox mail gateway gui, api viewer & (mobile) quarantine
> this patch series is split into several parts. the first concerns the
> widget toolkit and adds the necessary files and adaptions needed
> accross all three products. the other three parts integrate the new
> dark theme into pve, pbs and pmg and also adds changes needed by each
> product.
> part 1: widget toolkit
> the first commit adds styles that give the main gui a "dark"
> appearance. this includes adjusting the icons and other images as
> well as all backgrounds text and link colors. the second commit
> removes certain hard-coded background colors that are set via js.
> these don't behave properly in the dark theme and the gui behaves
> properly without them, so they are removed.
> the third and fourth commit make it possible for charts and gauges to
> switch their colors based on the current theme. the fifth commit adds
> a theme switcher widget that allows switching the current theme and
> then sets a cookie accordingly.
> the last commit is only relevant for the proxmox mail gateway and
> enables the proposed "theme switcher" function. this allows users to
> enable or disable a filter over the email preview in the quarantine.
> if the filter is enabled the email will have it's brightness reduced
> and the colors will be inverted. thus, plain text emails shouldn't
> appear too bright
> part 2: proxmox virtual environment
> the first commit for pve adds the theme switcher to the gui, the
> second adjusts the pveproxy template to properly handle the cookie
> set by the theme switcher. the third removes unnecessary hard-coded
> background colors and the forth add support for the charts used in
> pve only.
> the fifth commit concern pve-docs and adds support for the dark theme
> in the api viewer.
> part 3: proxmox backup server
> the commits for proxmox backup server first add the theme switcher,
> then removes hard-coded backgrounds and finally add dark theme support
> to the api viewer.
> part 4: proxmox mail gateway
> the first commit concerns the api and let's it handle cookie properly.
> the next five commits adjust gui to first add a theme switcher, then
> style the spam info grid, remove hard-coded white backgrounds, style
> the hourly mail chart, and enable the dark mode in the mobile
> quarantine.
> the second-to-last commit enables the theme switching mechanism for
> the quarantine mail preview. this part could be dropped in favor of
> extending the preview endpoint to add some styles to the preview that
> handle a dark theme. this would have the added benefit of also working
> in the mobile quarantine.
> the last commit for the mail gateway enables the dark theme in the api
> viewer.
> Daniel Tschlatscher (2):
>   dark-theme: add initial version of the proxmox-dark theme
>   util/window/form: add a theme selector
> Stefan Sterz (4):
>   subscription/summary/backup: stop setting the background color
>   gauge widget: add support for a dark theme and dynamic theme switching
>   rrd chart: add support for the dark theme and dynamic theme switching
>   dark-theme: add support for the pmg quarantine theme toggle

After re-checking basic UI stuff and some general skim plus some more close
spot checking of the changes - while there are some nits and surely some
slightly bigger fixes to be done, this is definitively easier and quicker
done as follow up, not re-sending the base of the series, so with that:

applied, huge thanks to you and Daniel!

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