[pve-devel] health check uri for proxmox web front end?

Wolf Noble wolf at wolfspyre.com
Fri Jun 23 00:33:43 CEST 2023

hi all!

I have looked thru the api docs, and forums, and haven’t found a solution myself yet.
I’m looking for a lightweight uri to assess the health of a proxmox node for the purposes of  having the proxmox web ui behind a loadbalanced vip 
( haproxy run on opnsense )

Im aware of the existing api face, however what exists now requires authentication, and seems a little heavy for my intended use:

 (hey, you alive? yes? cool! i’ll check again in a couple seconds) 

Ideally, there’d be a super lightweight check face that responds with a 200/ok, perhaps even with some light metadata cached from other normal operations…

the ideal (from my perspective) would be a target endpoint that requires no auth, but the authorized calling hosts must be explicitly whitelisted for the node to respond to the query.

ideally logging of ‘good’ state request responses would be optional.

ideally, data included in the response, and it’s acceptable freshness would also be configurable.. but i don’t want to overcomplicate things either….

does such a mechanism exist already, and I just couldn’t find it?

if not, is there already a feature request, or someplace this was already discussed?


another thought I had which seemed totally tangental at first blush was wondering if the web ui for a cluster could additionally (ie not exclusively) be served by a different class of node (i was thinking pi4’s … ) the thought was that by having an ‘administrative function only’ cluster node type could be a way to as a way to slowly build arm64 support… 
… as i imagine this could be useful, but getting EVERYTHING working on a dif arch is a monumentally complex task not likely to bear much fruit terribly quickly, but I digress…

I’ve been really happy with my proxmox experience over the last several years…. 

thanks for all the hard work you’ve done keeping proxmox such a stable abstraction layer… its greatly appreciated.


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