[pve-devel] applied: [PATCH qemu-server/manager/docs v7] cluster mapping

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Mon Jun 19 09:28:18 CEST 2023

Am 16/06/2023 um 15:05 schrieb Dominik Csapak:
> pve-manager:
> Dominik Csapak (14):
>   api: add resource map api endpoints for PCI and USB
>   ui: parser: add helper for lists of property strings
>   ui: form/USBSelector: make it more flexible with nodename
>   ui: form: add PCIMapSelector
>   ui: form: add USBMapSelector
>   ui: qemu/PCIEdit: rework panel to add a mapped configuration
>   ui: qemu/USBEdit: add 'mapped' device case
>   ui: form: add MultiPCISelector
>   ui: add edit window for pci mappings
>   ui: add edit window for usb mappings
>   ui: add ResourceMapTree
>   ui: allow configuring pci and usb mapping
>   ui: window/Migrate: allow mapped devices
>   ui: improve permission handling for hardware
>  PVE/API2/Cluster.pm                   |   8 +

applied, thanks!

Had to make a fix in pve-common's RESTHandler to avoid breaking our schema extraction
in pve-docs due to the proxyto_callback CODE ref.

Also completed the response schema for the PCI map index and renamed "errors" to
"checks" there, but I found no current usage, so probably missing a fix up?

Some UI/UX nits and comments, a bit loosely structured and you might need to try
guestimating what I meant, sorry for that, but I had not time to rewrite this
nicely and easier to digest:

- padding in panels - we do have those only in PMG and PBS, but not in Proxmox VE,
  so for consistency I'd remove them here

- Drop the collapse tool/trigger of the USB/PCI sub-panels, IMO a bit odd and people
  can easily "loose" one of them by accident, maybe a   resize handler would be nicer

- new host mapping should be an action column, it's a bit odd and confusing as is.

- same for edit and removes? would avoid the disabling and make it clearer what
  types can be 

- quite a few column headings are truncated, even in the full view where we should
  be able to make them wider (e.g., with flex + minWidth)

- "Status: OK" is not really that telling here, being more verbose with what that
   means could be nice, maybe as additional info in keywords afterwards and/or as

- screenshots for docs would be nice, might require "injecting" some mappings into
  the UI manually if we use the selenium based tooling for getting those automated.

- PCI add/edit:

  - the "Pass through all functions" felt rather odd and with the PCI id letter salad
    a bit hard to correlate with the functions, at least if none is selected.
    Maybe switching to a tree or otherwise collapsible variant would be nicer here?
    If one selects a "all functions" it's not that bad, but IMO disabling the rest
    there as you currently do, confirms it a bit to me that that adding some hierarchy
    + allowing to collapse/expand that would feel more natural on using this, especially
    the first times when one isn't already used to how it works.
    A very simple approach could be making the checkbox column wider and adding some
    padding on the left side on functions, while not collapsible it would show the
    hierarchy (but maybe it's also just ugly/weird)

    A more complex approach would be providing an [+] Add button (a bit like for traffic
    control in PBS or for kronosnet links in PVE cluster UI) and use that to add nodes
    one by one, each providing a (collapsed) panel with the respective devices.
    Such a "global" state would allow to view all mappings at ones and make correlation
    a lot clearer.

  - The node field is a bit hidden, or better said that the grid of devices and the node
    selector correlates isn't immediately clear, at least not enough for an half-educated,
    explorative "getting to know this feature" approach.
    It would be also a huge benefit to be able to see all selected mappings of all nodes
    at the same time, can help checking that the correct ones are selected.

  - It's a bit unclear if the "Mediated Devices" checkbox is a filter, that could be
    solved via using "Only Mediated Devices" (or s/Only/Filter/).
    But it's also a bit unclear what happens when I select some non-mdev's and then
    select this box and hit submit (or select another node, after chaning "filter mdev"
    checkbox and selecting stuff there). I had no mdev available in my test instance,
    so I couldn't fully check the available error behavior, but this is a bit odd.

  - I run into a state where after a few times ticking and unticking the "Mediated
    Devices" checkbox the whole selection grid was borked and stayed empty, independent
    of mdev filter or changing to another node, but I did not manage to easily reproduce
    that, just mentioning it for completeness' sake.


  - Similar w.r.t. UX as PCI, the Node selector -> USB selection correlation is a bit
    unclear. Here switching the UI to a "add each node explicitly and show all at once"
    should be a bit easier compared to the PCI one.

  - here my time run out, so there might be some other stuff

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