[pve-devel] applied: [PATCH-SERIES manager] backup permission improvements

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Jun 7 16:58:29 CEST 2023

Am 16/11/2022 um 15:04 schrieb Fiona Ebner:
> Currently, suffenciently privileged users may edit a backup job, but
> cannot run the very same job manually (via the vzdump API call). The
> first patch addresses this by removing the root-only restriction from
> retention and performance settings. Retention will require
> Datastore.Allocate on the target storage, because it's essentially
> removal of certain backups, while performance settings will require
> Sys.Modify on / which is the permission required to edit backup jobs.
> The next three patches are for deletion of parameters when updating a
> backup job. Allowing to only delete a setting (previously, update
> would fail if no parameter was set) and adding a check for the delete
> options.
> Patch 5/6 restricts backup editing by requiring that the user has
> appropriate permissions on the job's storage (and eventual newly set
> storage) as well as on the default 'local' storage when removing the
> storage. Jobs with a dumpdir can only be edited by root. This is a
> breaking API change, but requiring permission on the storage should
> be sensible and allows for more flexible permission configurations.
> The last patch introduces a helper to have the "what's the storage"
> logic in one place.
> Fiona Ebner (6):
>   api: vzdump: soften parameter permission checks
>   api: backup: update: turn delete into a hash
>   api: backup: update: allow only deleting
>   api: backup: update: check permissions of delete params too
>   api: backup: require Datastore.Allocate on storage
>   api: backup/vzdump: add get_storage_param helper
>  PVE/API2/Backup.pm | 62 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
>  PVE/API2/VZDump.pm | 32 ++++++++++++++++--------
>  PVE/VZDump.pm      | 11 ++++++--
>  3 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)

applied remaining series, thanks!

fwiw, I did some small follow-up for "api: backup: update: check permissions
of delete params too", just to get the order of checking those params
before the pool as before and as the create endpoint has, I don't think
it has a practical effect, but it just felt slightly odd..

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