[pve-devel] [PATCH-SERIES v3 qemu-server/manager/common] add and set x86-64-v2 as default model for new vms and detect best cpumodel

Fiona Ebner f.ebner at proxmox.com
Thu Jun 1 10:34:36 CEST 2023

Am 31.05.23 um 16:34 schrieb DERUMIER, Alexandre:
> Le mercredi 31 mai 2023 à 13:36 +0200, Fiona Ebner a écrit :
>> Am 22.05.23 um 12:25 schrieb Alexandre Derumier:
>>> In addition to theses model, I have enabled aes too.
>>> I think it's really important, because a lot of users use default
>>> values and have
>>> bad performance with ssl and other crypto stuffs.
>> So there is the answer to my aes question :) But shouldn't we rather
>> set
>> it via the UI as a default than change the CPU definition itself?
>> That
>> feels cleaner as we'd not diverge from how they defined the ABI.
> I don't have looked pve-manager code yet, but do you think it's easy
> to auto enable/disable the aes flag in the grid when we choose theses
> models ?

I also haven't looked at the code, but yeah, it is an issue that it's in
the advanced part and we shouldn't hide it from the user that it's on.

> Maybe could it be better to have 2 differents models, with/without aes
> (like some qemu models versions like -IBRS,  
> here we could have
> x86-64-v2
> x86-64-v2-aes   (default)
> x86-64-v3
> x86-64-v3-aes

That might work, but if we do that, please only in the UI. Also not
ideal, because how would interaction with the flag in the grid work?
E.g. don't show it, force it on if an -aes model is selected?

Maybe the easiest would be to extract the aes flag out of the grid into
the non-advanced part?

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