[pve-devel] [PATCH v4 many 00/69] fix #4156: introduce new notification system

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Mon Jul 24 11:20:45 CEST 2023

On 20/07/2023 16:31, Lukas Wagner wrote:
> # Overview
> The purpose of this patch series is to overhaul the existing mail
> notification infrastructure in Proxmox VE.
> The series replaces calls to 'sendmail' with calls to a
> new, configurable notification module. The module was designed to
> support multiple notification endpoints, 'sendmail' using the system's
> sendmail command being the first one. As a proof of the extensibility
> of the current approach, the 'gotify' [1] plugin was also implemented.
> The patch series also includes groups. They allow to send a notification
> to multiple endpoints at the same time. Furthermore, there are filters.
> Endpoints and groups can configure filters to determine if a notification
> should be sent. For now, filters can only be configured based on notification
> severity.
> A short summary of what is included in this patch series:
>   - Sendmail endpoint plugin: uses the system's `sendmail` command 
>     to send - well - mail. The sendmail plugin sends multi-part mails
>     containing HTML as well as plain text.
>   - Gotify endpoint plugin: sends a notification to a gotify server
>   - Groups: As for any notification event one is only able to select a single
>     target, groups can be created to notify multiply endpoints at the same time
>   - Filters: Endpoints and groups can also have filtering: The filter 
>     can match on the notification's metadata (only severity for now) to 
>     determine if it will be sent or not. Filters can be easily extended in 
>     the future to match on other structured metadata as well.
>   - REST API for managing endpoints, groups and filters
>   - Overhauled GUI for backup jobs/one-off backups - here the use can now 
>     select a notification target
>   - GUI for configuring the other notification events 
>     (APT, replication, fencing) - here the user can configure *when* and
>     *where* to send a notification
>   - Notification rendering based on templates: 
>     From a single template, the system can render notifications to either
>     plain text or HTML.

While I didn't got around for a thorough review, I did some spot checking
of the code here and liked what I saw, nice work!

The base design seems OK and any implementation bug/detail can be fixed
with follow ups, so fine for me to apply (Wolfgang should start soon doing
so, at least the rust backend and perlmod stuff).

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