[pve-devel] Building proxmox on riscv64 Debian Sid

Fabian Grünbichler f.gruenbichler at proxmox.com
Tue Feb 21 15:37:19 CET 2023

> Tianyu Chen <billchenchina2001 at gmail.com> hat am 21.02.2023 14:11 CET geschrieben:
> On Tue, Feb 21, 2023 at 12:19:39PM +0100, Fabian Grünbichler wrote:
> > unless you have very little time left to wait before proceeding, you will likely have considerable less work (other than rebuilding packages for riscv64) if you wait for our bookworm-targeting branches/repos to become available.
> As previous e-mail, I'm wondering when will the bookworm tree be
> available?

the usual answer is "when it's done" ;) we don't want to fork too early, as that increases the amount of work we have to do. I'll try to remember to ping this thread once our bookworm packages are available as preview.

but like Wolfgang said - there are two crates that have an incompatible version in bookworm:
- zstd (and zstd-safe and zstd-sys), the patch for that is fairly mechanical
- syslog (could be backported to the bullseye-based releases)

and a few crates that are not in bookworm or too old, as well as the proxmox-apt change for also accepting Bookworm or skipping that test.

> > the corresponding repository is at https://git.proxmox.com/?p=debcargo-conf.git;a=summary (it's a fork of the Debian rust team's debcargo-conf repository with some additional crates and lots of backports for bullseye)
> Gotcha.
> > in the proxmox workspace you can build them in the order required by their individual build dependencies
> Okay, seems porting to a new architecture doesn't have that.

well, you have to sort out the actual ordering yourself (I just meant that the build-dependencies should be correct and you can use them for ordering the builds) - not sure what tooling you use ;) e.g., debian uses wanna-build for that, we mostly do it by hand since we only (re-)bootstrap every ~2 years when a new Debian stable release is approaching..

hope that helps!

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