Building proxmox on riscv64 Debian Sid

Tianyu Chen billchenchina2001 at
Tue Feb 21 07:29:22 CET 2023

Hi all,

I'm trying to build proxmox on riscv64 Debian Sid, and I'm having some
questions when building.

1. When I'm building proxmox-rs, the dependencies are incorrect. I
fetched proxmox-rs source code from and it shows that most
dependencies are targeting bullseye, not Sid. I've tried editing
Cargo.toml and some of them worked. Is there a actively developing
branch targeting Sid? Or is there a schedule against testing(bookworm)
so I can schedule the porting?

2. Missing dependencies. I've found that proxmox have packed some
librust-*-dev packages out of tree. (I mean, Debian tree). Since
librust-*-dev packages are with `Architecture: amd64` (from,
I cannot install the proxmox version. Since there's no dsc file in the
pool, Can I assume proxmox only did debcargo things, without any patch?

3. Also proxmox-rs, can I build subprojects by built-dependency order
since I don't have them in my pool?

4. proxmox-apt. The package proxmox-apt shows that DebianCodename only
support stable versions, not Sid. test_get_current_release_codename
failed since codename != DebianCodename::Bullseye. I'm wondering where
are these piece of code used? Is there any unexpected behavior with Sid?

Tianyu Chen
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