[pve-devel] [PATCH manager] ui: ceph installer: Run ceph/init if joining a cluster

Mira Limbeck m.limbeck at proxmox.com
Wed Dec 20 10:53:54 CET 2023

On 12/19/23 18:09, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
> The commit message doesn't explain the actual issue that it is trying to
> solve.
> AFAICT we do not need the ceph.conf symlinked right away for normal PVE
> operations. If it is not present in /etc/ceph/ceph.conf, the RBD and
> CephFS connections will use the dedicated parameters to connect and
> authenticate against the Ceph cluster, which are all present in the
> /etc/pve/priv... directory.
> And even in a newly set up HCI PVE + Ceph cluster, the symlink for the
> Ceph config will only be created once you set up a Ceph service (MON,
> MGR, MDS, OSD) on that node.
> Even with a valid use case (see first line of my response), I am not
> sure if the UI is the right place, as a user can still run into the same
> situation if they use 'pveceph install' on the CLI without running
> 'pveceph init' afterwards.
> Therefore, if there is a reason to always have the symlink, wouldn't it
> be better to add it to the install routine to create the symlink if the
> /etc/pve/ceph.conf file is detected?

Yes, you're right. Since we call `pveceph install` even when installing
from the GUI, that should be the place to add it.

We've had a few cases where Ceph commands could not be run on the newly
added host, even though Ceph was installed because of the missing symlink.
Usually on a hyper-converged I'd assume that Ceph commands can simply be
run without specifying a Ceph config, since that's how we set it up. But
for newly added nodes that's currently not the case.

This also affects the system reports, since we don't pass the Ceph
config there at all for any of the Ceph commands.

@Maximiliano: This info, the `why`, would have been great in the commit

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