[pve-devel] is the next pve version 8.0 with debian 12 ? (any planning on patches merge ?)

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Fri Apr 28 11:33:16 CEST 2023

Am 28/04/2023 um 09:15 schrieb DERUMIER, Alexandre:
> I would like to known if the next pve version will be 8.0 on debian12 ?


> and if they are any planning for patches merging ? (I would like to
> schedule time on my agenda if my patches need to be rework).

Debian Bookworkm release is planned for June 10th, we have no hard
planned timeline to make public, but if I would need to guess from
top of my mind I'd say a beta a bit before that and a release a bit
after that, where "bit" here means roughly one to two weeks.

And we probably won't accept bigger breaking change after the beta
is made public. So, continuing the strong guess of mine, I'd say
if you get anything bigger submitted before ~ mid-may, we got still
some time for patches rework until ~ end of may.

> We had discussed about it last year, but I would like to implement
> permissions on vmbrX && sdn vnets, as it a breaking change.
> https://git.proxmox.com/?p=pve-manager.git;a=commit;h=a37ff602ff742403f01d6682bf9948183f87eadb

yes, here the questions is more if we want to map in below some more
general resource-mapping ACL path as slightly/peripherally hinted in
a reply[0] to Dominik's HW mapping series. Or if we want to keep netdevs
in the /sdn path, which might be fine too as network devices is a big
and important enough class to be kept all in their own "access category"

[0]: https://lists.proxmox.com/pipermail/pve-devel/2022-November/054557.html

Fabian has some more spelled out questions/ideas IIRC.

> Also, I have a bunch of patches waiting for review or merge. (sorry for
> the flood ^_^)

I'll probably jump start the final bootstrapping (we did some internal
ones already) soon, afterwards we can apply more stuff (would like to only
do bug fixes in 7.x from now on).

- Thomas

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