VNC Console using our own portal

Mark Schouten mark at
Thu Apr 13 15:06:19 CEST 2023


Not sure if this thread should exist on this list, if not, let me know 
and I’ll repost to pve-users. However, I think there are more people 
here that know how to achieve what I’m looking for. :)

We’re building a portal for our VPS services and so far we’ve been happy 
users of the PVE API. However, we’re now trying to make the Console 
available, and that seems to be quite difficult. As far as I can see, 
it’s not documented either, so I’m kinda stuck reverse engineering all 

So far I’ve found out that I can just proxy /novnc/ to the relevant 
cluster to get the HTML/CSS/JS in my browser. But to get VNC working, I 
need to:
1: Start the vncproxy using POST 
2: Use that output to create a new request

But what should that new request be? And do I need API-Auth keys as 
well, or is the ticket created by the API call enough? Should I add all 
the data as HTTP headers, or can I put them in the url parameters?

Have I missed documentation on how to set this up?


Mark Schouten, CTO
Tuxis B.V.
mark at / +31 318 200208

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