[pve-devel] [PATCH pve-common 1/1] schema: add pve-targetstorage (moved from qemu-server)

DERUMIER, Alexandre Alexandre.DERUMIER at groupe-cyllene.com
Thu Jun 30 09:30:42 CEST 2022

Le mercredi 29 juin 2022 à 11:34 +0200, Thomas Lamprecht a écrit :
> this and "qemu-server: remove json schema pve-targetstorage (moved to
> pve-common)"
> seems rather unrelated from the firewall series.

I haved added it, because if you remove "use Firewall.pm" from lxc,

it's doesn't find the schema anymore (because QemuServer is require in

But yes, it could be done firstly in another patch series. (and It seem
than fabian has already send a patch some months ago)

> Besides that I welcome splitting the Firewall.pm monster module up.

yes, indeed, it's a little big monster ;)

BTW, Do you known why we need  in pve-firewall :

# dynamically include PVE::QemuServer and PVE::LXC
# to avoid dependency problems
my $have_qemu_server;
eval {
    require PVE::QemuServer;
    require PVE::QemuConfig;
    $have_qemu_server = 1;

my $have_lxc;
eval {
    require PVE::LXC;
    $have_lxc = 1;


is it because PVE::Qemuserver && PVE::LXC are also using use
PVE::Firewall ?

> For the record: the firewall part of this series needs a
> break/depends cycle:
> - new firewall package needs to break old qemu-server and old pve-
> container
> - new qemu-server and pve-container need a versioned dependency for
> new
>   pve-firewall


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